Use The Undo History Palette To Revert To A Previous State In Your Image

The Undo History palette can be a lifesaver if you realize you made some changes to your current image that you want to get rid of. Of course if it was just the last change you made you can press Control+Z (Mac: Command+Z) to undo it.

But if it's a few changes back you would have to start all over again. Unless you were familiar with the Undo History palette. You access the palette when in Full Edit by going under the Window menu and checking Undo History.

Each time you perform an operation that actually changes the pixels of your photo it gets added to the bottom of the Undo History palette. So your most recent change is at the bottom and your oldest change is at the top. Photoshop Elements won't add things like changing tools or changing zoom which don't affect the pixels.

To go to a previous state just start pushing up the slider located on the left of the palette until you get to where you want to revert to. You can also just click on the state you want to go to. When you go to a previous state all the states below it will be grayed-out. You can return to any of those states by clicking on it or by using the slider. Once you perform a new operation you lose the option to return to a grayed-out state and you will begin from the currently selected state.

Notice at the very top of the palette is a thumbnail of your image as it appeared when you first opened it, with it's name next to it. By clicking on the thumbnail and then on the bottom state you can see the before and after of your image. If you click on the thumbnail and then perform an operation without returning to a previous state it will be like starting all over because your previous actions will be lost. undo history palette for photoshop elements

The Default setting for the Undo History palette is 50 states. After you do 50 operations the top state will be deleted as new ones are added to the bottom of the palette. You can change the default by going up to the Menu bar and choosing Photoshop Elements>Preferences>Performance. When the dialog window opens go to the History States field and make your change.

By lowering the number of states your computer might run faster because each state uses some of your computers memory. If your computer speed isn't adversely affected leave it at 50 or even increase it to give you more options to revert to.

Undo history preferences for Photoshop Elements

I hope you found this tip useful. This is definitely a feature you should know about in case you get in a jam.



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