Stamp Visible To Run An Effect On A
Multi-layered Document

The Stamp Visible command is a great option to know about. The reason it's so great is because if you have a document that you built using several layers, it can become impossible to run a filter or some other effect on the whole image at once.

Of course you could flatten your image or merge visible layers first, but then you lose all your other layers. Sometimes you want to preserve your layers so you can go back and easily make changes to the document and preserve the original state of the image.

Stamp visible in Photoshop Elements

Take a look at the Layers palette in the image above. If I wanted to sharpen this image I would have to first select one layer, run the Unsharp Mask filter, then do the same thing to each of the layers for a total of seven times! And some files can have a lot more than seven layers.

I have the same problem if I want to apply layer styles. I could select each layer one-at-a-time or I could just turn the eyeball off of the layers I didn't want the effect on and then stamp visible and run the filter on the new layer.

So how do you get this Stamped Layer? First turn visibility on for the layers you want to merge by making sure the eyeball icon is clicked on in the Layers palette. Then do one of the following:
Press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E (Windows) or Shift+Command+Option+E (Mac).
- OR -
Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac), and choose Layer > Merge Visible. Photoshop will create a new layer containing the merged layers.

Be sure to remember this tip to save time and frustration.

Stamp visible in Photoshop Elements

The Layers palette shows the new stamped layer at the
top with all the other layers still intact.



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