Sepia Tone Video Tutorial

Sepia Tone is easy to simulate as you will see in this Photoshop Elements video tutorial. It also includes a step for adjusting the tint to just the look you want.

This is a very old photographic process. Believe it or not the process used ink from a fish to create a brown tone rather than the usual black and white. It created a softer look to photos.

Over time as the picture aged it tended to take on a more reddish tint. This is what most old sepia tones look like today.

In this tutorial you can choose to leave it brown or you can add a red tinge (or any other color tint) to it.

I think we can all appreciate the fact that we don't have to extract the ink from a fish to replicate the look. :-)

Just push the play button below to watch the video.

Sepia Tone - Photoshop Elements Video Tutorial

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