See Your Desktop Beyond Elements

This tip only applies to Mac users. It explains how you can see your desktop while working in Photoshop Elements. As a long time Mac user I was bummed when I first opened Photoshop Elements 6 and realized the program consumed my entire desktop. I'm used to having an image open in a program like the full version of Photoshop and being able to see the other stuff on my desktop.

It lets me quickly switch between software by just clicking on whatever part I can see beyond Photoshop. Another nice thing is you can see a tutorial as you follow along in Photoshop.

It's also nice to be able to compare a document from one program to a document from another program. For instance if I'm cropping an image in Elements for a tutorial I'm writing in TextEdit I might need to make sure I don't crop out something I referred to in the text. This way I can see my text without leaving Elements.

So here's all you have to do. Go under Photoshop Elements in the menu bar and choose Preferences>General.

See your desktop in photoshop elements

Once the General Preferences window opens, just uncheck the Fill Workspace Background box. Click OK and now you can see the rest of your desktop.
See your desktop in photoshop elements

I hope this tip on how to see your desktop makes your Photoshop Elements experience more pleasant.

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