Guess What The Save Selection
Command Does

With Save Selection it's all in the name. You can actually store your selections within the images you created them for. Anytime you open that photo it will be available for you to reload it.

This is a really nice option, especially if you've spent a lot of time creating the selection. You can even change the selection by adding to or taking away from it. Let's look at how easy this is.

Save a selection with Photoshop Elements

My selection of the body of the car above is not especially complex. I started with the Quick Selection tool to get most of the area I wanted, and then zoomed in and cleaned it up a little with the Polygonal Lasso tool.

But it's so fast and easy to save a selection that it's worth it even for relatively simple selections. It's quicker than re-doing the selection.

After you make a selection go under the Select menu and choose Save Selection…. That will open a dialog window.

Type a name for your selection in the name field and press OK. You can deselect at any time after you've saved the selection because if you need it again it will be available.

Loading the selection is even faster than saving it. Go under the Select menu again and choose Load Selection…. The Load Selection dialog box will open and in the Selection field choose the name you gave it earlier, hit OK, and your selection is loaded.

Now let's say I want to make the color of the car lighter but I want the wheel covers to also be lighter. I would make a selection of the wheel covers, go to the Select menu and choose Save Selection… just like before. But instead of creating a new selection, I go to the Selection drop-down field and choose my Car selection.

As soon as I do that all the buttons in the Operation area become active. So I would click the Add to Selection button and hit OK. Now my saved selection includes the wheel covers.

I could also have done like before and saved the selection of the wheel covers as a new selection and named it something like wheels. Then when I went to either Load Selection or Save Selection from the Select Menu those two choices would be in the Selection drop-down field. That would give me the option of loading either selection by itself. If I wanted both selections together, I would load one, hit OK and then go back and load the other by choosing Add to Selection.

One caveat to this is that if you have a selection saved with your document you can't save it in JPEG format. You will get a warning in the Save dialog box. You can save it in either Photoshop or TIFF format.

I hope this tip is helpful to you.
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