Change Your Ruler Units Quickly

You have several ruler units of measurement to choose from in Elements. When the Rulers are visible they can be displayed in units of pixels, inches, centimeters, millimeters, points, picas, or percent.

You can use the rulers to help position a selection or shape or some other object. If you want to measure in inches but the rulers are set to millimeters you can change them to inches.

One way to do this is to change your Preferences by going up to the Menu bar and choose Photoshop Elements>Preferences>Units & Rulers…

There you will see a Rulers box where you can click on the drop-down window and choose your ruler unit of measure. Click OK and your rulers will reflect your choice. But there's a much more efficient way to do that, and that's what I want to show you with this tip.

The first step is to make your rulers visible if they aren't already. Go up to the Menu bar and choose View>Rulers (shortcut: Control+Shift+R/Mac:Command+Shift+R).
Ruler units in Photoshop Elements

The rulers will appear at the top and left edge of your photo.

Now right-click (Mac: Control-click) anywhere on the rulers. A pop-up menu will appear where you can choose the ruler unit of measure that you want. This will have the same effect as going through the Preferences described above.

Use this tip and other short-cuts and you'll be using Photoshop Elements like a pro in no time!

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