How To Reset A Dialog Box Is A Must-Know

Why do I say you must know this tip on how to reset a dialog box? Because it's super-easy, fast and you'll use it a lot. Photoshop Elements uses dialog boxes for many adjustments. Every time you select an Adjustment Layer a dialog box appears (except for Invert). Any menu items followed by ellipsis (three dots) brings up a dialog box where you enter further information.

When you're adjusting a photo from a dialog box you start changing amounts in boxes, dragging sliders, or choosing from options in pop-up menus. Sometimes you accidentally type the wrong amount. Or you experiment with the sliders but you don't like the results. You just want to start over from the beginning.

At that point you have a couple obvious choices. If you remember what the original settings were you can change them back to that. Your other option would be to just cancel out of the box, reopen it and try again. All dialog boxes have a Cancel button.

Some dialog boxes that offer several controls even have a Reset button as well as a Cancel button, as you can see in the Levels adjustment window below. If you click on it all your settings will return to their original values. But the window will remain open unlike when you press Cancel.

But if you know this tip, you'll realize that all windows that have a Cancel button also have a Reset button. All you do is hold down the Alt key (Mac: Option) and the Cancel button turns into a Reset button. If you click on it your settings will all return to what they were when you first opened the box.

That completes this tip on how to reset a dialog box. I hope you can use it to become more efficient with Photoshop Elements!
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