Remove a Section of Photo

You can remove a section of a photo, even from the middle and put it back together and no one will be any the wiser. It's just part of the magic of Photoshop Elements.

Say for instance you have a bridge in your photograph. You can eliminate a section of the bridge right from the center of it and make it shorter than it was originally.

This tutorial is also a good lesson on how to use selections and layers to alter your images. You even get instructions on cloning.

These are all essential skills to know in Photoshop Elements. I think that they are used in a way that most users, from beginner to pro can understand.

So even if you don't have a need to remove a piece from any of your photos, you can watch this video and maybe gain some valuable information to help you to improve your photo editing skills.

You never know when you'll want to get rid of a door from a building like we do in this tutorial.

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