See More In Your Recently Edited List

When you're in Photoshop Elements you can go under the File menu and choose Open Recently Edited File and by default you will see a list of the last 10 files you had open.

Photoshop Elements Tips_recently edited

You can change your Preferences in Photoshop Elements to allow you to see up to the last 30 files you had open.

To do this go under the Photoshop Elements menu and choose Preferences > Saving Files…

In the Dialog box that opens look down at the bottom and you will see a field for entering how many files your recent file list contains (see box circled in red below).

Photoshop Elements Tips_recently edited

Just double-click inside that box and enter any number up to 30.

Now the next time you go under the File menu and choose Open Recently Edited File you will see that many files listed.

I hope you found this helpful. If you have a Photoshop Elements tip you would like to share, go to the bottom of the tips page and submit your tip for the benefit of all to see.

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