Add A New Layer Below

Improve your efficiency in Photoshop Elements by adding a new layer below your active layer if that's where you want it. That's much quicker than creating it above the active layer which it does by default, and then dragging it down. Since I learned this tip I use it all the time.

Here's how easy it is:
Normally when you want a new layer you go to the layers palette and click on the Create a new layer icon. It's the first icon on the top-left of the palette.

That will add a new layer above your currently active layer.

If all you have in your layers palette is the Background layer, the new layer must go above it because the background has to be at the bottom of the layers stacking order.

Now let's say you have Layer 1 active. If you click on the Create a new layer icon it will add a new layer (Layer 2) above Layer 1:

OK, here's where the tip comes in. Click the Create a new layer icon again with Layer 2 active. But this time hold down the Control key (Mac:Command) as you click on the icon and it will add the new layer (Layer 3) below Layer 2.

Pretty slick, eh?
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