Lasso Tool Tip

The Lasso tool allows you to draw freehand selections around an object. This is great if your object has curves in it. The Polygonal Lasso tool makes straight line segments and is great for selecting objects with straight lines.

Many times the object you want to select will have a combination of curves and straight lines. That's when you can use this tip to get the benefits of using both tools together.

To demonstrate how this tip works I'm going to make a loose selection around an arched window. I'll start at the top of the arch using the Lasso tool and follow the shape of the window.

Photoshop Elements Lasso tool

When you get to a straight segment hold down the Alt key (Mac:Option) and release the mouse button. Your cursor will change to the Polygonal icon as seen in the photo below.

Photoshop Elements Polygonal Lasso tool

Continue holding down the Alt/Option key and go to the end of the line segment. Click the mouse button once to end that segment which will allow you to change direction.

Still holding down the Alt/Option key go to the end of that line segment and click once to change direction and go to the end of the next straight segment.

When you get to where the object begins to curve, press and hold down the mouse button and release the Alt/Option key and drag the mouse around the curved portion until you get close to where you started the selection at the top.

Now just release the mouse button and it will connect with the starting point and complete your selection.

Photoshop Elements Polygonal Lasso tool

This tip will have you making selections like a pro in no time!
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