Have Access Even When In A Dialog Box

Many adjustment and filter commands open up a new Dialog Window. While in a Dialog Box if you go to the menu bar to give a command you'll see that most of the choices are grayed out.

What you might not realize is that you still have many options available. For instance you can still hold down the spacebar and scroll around to different areas of your image.

You can also show and hide your Rulers with the keyboard shortcut Control (Mac: Command)+Shift+R. You can also show and hide your Grid.

To see all the Options available to you just look under the View menu when you have a Dialog Box opened. All the commands that are not gray but black you can still use. Notice in the image below I have the Hue/Saturation window open.

But that's not all. You can also open and close certain windows and palettes too. To see those options look under the Window menu. Again, any items that are not grayed out you can choose.

So remember next time your in a Dialog Box you are not limited to only making choices inside the box. Think outside the box!

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