Change The Crop Tool Opacity

In this Photoshop Elements tip we're going to see how you can change the Crop tool opacity in the preview window. This might help you better visualize your crop.

When you use the Crop tool in Photoshop Elements you drag diagonally across the area you want to keep. Before you commit to that crop Elements shows you a preview by putting a box with marching ants and an adjustment box with handles around the area you chose. The part of the photo that will be cropped away is darkened (see example below).

This preview lets you see what area you chose and gives you an opportunity to adjust the crop before you commit to the change. Sometimes the darkened area is still distracting and makes it hard to visualize the final crop.

Here's how you can turn it solid black or white, or actually just about any color you want.

Go up to the Menu bar and choose:
Photoshop Elements>Preferences>Display & Cursors… That will open the Dialog box shown below.

Now just change the Opacity field from 75% to 100%. Notice there's also a little black color swatch called Shield Color.

You can click on that and change the color to any of the choices that appear. When your done click OK.

Now when you use the Crop tool your preview will reflect your changes as shown below.

I hope you found this tip useful. If you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to use the contact form to get in touch with me.
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