Animated GIF Bug In Some Versions Of Photoshop Elements

by JAW

effects pallet

effects pallet

Q: I use PSE 6, but according to Adobe, there is a glitch or problem with the time delay (can't be change). If so, what's your workaround for this. I was told to use multiple layers as a substitute. Your thoughts? Here is the TeckNote:
I have played around with flashing animation a bit - (26 layers so far) and I find it fascinating but don't know to what use I can use animation flashing? Is my effect pretty much a process of creativity and nothing more as I have no idea once crated what I should do with it. And since I can't upload a PSD file to your site, you can't see my effect as an animation.
I can upload or show the steps I made - see photos of effects pallet:
I started out with a new blank file 400px by 200px. Added text, text size, color, wave effect, etc.
I thought it was neat but that is just me. Maybe someone can recreate my steps and maybe even do it better. Thanks for your time.

A: Using Animated GIFs is not something I've ever used much. I checked out the link to Adobe's tech note you included and initially thought at least they were acknowledging the problem with Photoshop Elements 6.

But then I looked around the web a little more and saw that it's still a problem with Elements 8. I would think Adobe should have fixed it before releasing later versions.

I like all the awesome things that work seamlessly with Elements to get too upset. But I understand that if this is an important feature to someone it would be upsetting.

Here is a link to a free program that you can use for animation and it gets good reviews

As far as what you would use it for I know many people like to use the effect to get some animation on their forum avatars.

I thought it might be a good way to show the before and after results of a Elements technique. I may still use that in the future.

In any case JAW, thank you for bringing this bug to everyone's attention and let's hope Adobe fixes it in the next release of Elements.

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Your participation and help is appreciated.

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Glitch or Problem in Adobe PSE 6 & 8 for Mac
by: JAW

A glitch exists in the PSE 6 & PSE 8 for Mac Adobe programs. I believe the PC 6 & 8 programs are not affected. Why one and not the other I have no idea.
The above method was my way of overcoming the glitch in my Adobe PSE 6 for Mac program. I find it very inconvenient (to say the least - how many layers does one need to use to get the effect you want) and for Adobe to ignore the situation or even not try to solve the problem seems fundamentally a Public Relations snafu - just my opinion.
I have not found any other glitches or problems in my Adobe PSE 6 for Mac program to date. That does not mean I won't, but to date, no more so far.
If you find the GIF animation in your Mac program not working, I suggest letting Adobe know on their web site - let them know of you problem. Remember the saying "The squeaky wheel get the grease". I'm but one squeaky wheel letting you know and hoping you care enough to let Adobe know also.
If Adobe does anything or attempts to do something regarding correcting this problem, I'll keep you updated. Your input is always important. Let them and us know your thoughts.

Regards, JAW

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