A Little About Me

Hi. My name is Rick Peterson. Thank you for visiting my website. I'm passionate about Photoshop and have worked with it in my job for 20-plus years.

My job has allowed me to work on some of the most high-end publications and catalogs in the country and to use Photoshop to its fullest. So it's with that experience that I started this website for users of Photoshop Elements which is an amazingly powerful program but costing just a fraction of the full version of Photoshop.

Most of the image editing results you can get from the full version of Photoshop are achievable in Elements if you know how. I try to show you how on this website.

This site is dedicated to the loving memory of my son Sam.

August 3, 1987 - June 20, 2007.


I value your input! Please leave me a comment in the box below.