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10-day free trial

If you're stuck trying to learn Elements, can save you a lot of trial-and-error and help get you from Point A to Point B a lot quicker.

I'm happy to announce that I have joined as an affiliate.

That means I can promote the exceptional training that offers. I know first-hand how top-notch and complete it is. I've used their training to learn much of what I know about Photoshop.

And right now (at the time of this writing) you can get a 10-day free trial to

Here is an example from one of the videos they have that shows How To Composite Two Photos Together Using PS Elements.

The complete and extensive training they offer lets you go to exactly what you need help with. Or you can just start at the beginning and methodically go through all the lessons.


  • Cropping Photos
  • Retouching Blemishes

  • Understanding Layers

  • Understanding Selections

  • Combining Images

  • Adding Text To Images

  • Importing Files From Your Computer

  • Importing Photos From Your Camera

  • Touring The Organizer

  • Using Tools

  • Saving And Formats

  • Working With Tabbed Documents

  • Improving A Photo With Adjustment Layers

  • Fixing Color In Quick Edit

  • Removing A Color Cast

  • Reducing Digital Noise

  • Working With Raw Photos

  • Processing Multiple Files

  • Correcting Skin Tone

  • Balancing Contrast And Color With Levels Adjustments

  • Using The Healing Tools

  • Cloning To Remove Contents

  • Understanding Camera Raw

  • Whitening Teeth and Eyes

  • Using Adjustment Layers and Masks

  • Sharpening Photos

  • Applying Filters

  • Adding Effects

  • Creating Text

  • Creating A Photo Collage

  • Creating Greeting Cards

  • Creating Photo Calendars

That's just a partial list of the video titles for Elements. They literally cover every nick and cranny of the program so you can go to exactly what you need to know.

And it's not just Photoshop-Elements you can learn about. With the Free Trial, you will have unlimited access to over 1,100 training videos on many different subjects.

There are hours and hours of training videos on many subjects. Here are some that might appeal to you as a Photoshop Elements User:

  • Training on Photoshop Elements 12 and 13. But also many older versions are covered going as far back as Version 2.

  • Many Videos on Photography which go into depth on subjects like Exposure, Lighting, Lenses, Black and White, Family Photography and lots more.

  • The FULL Version of Photoshop. I find that much of the training for the Full Version is able to be accomplished with Elements, so you can actually use much of that information to master Elements.

  • Using Cameras. Check out some of these titles...

    "Getting Pro Results With A Compact Camera"

    "Shooting With The Canon 60D"

    "Shooting With The Canon Rebel T3i"

    "Shooting With The Nikon D5100"

    "Shooting With The Nikon D7000"

  • 10 Different Courses on Adobe Lightroom. One is called "Lightroom 3 Essential Training". That one course alone has over 13 hours of Video Training geared towards Beginners.

    So sign up for your 10-day free trial to today and see for yourself.

    Take advantage of this while you can!

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